summer festival season

Dear Summer Festival Season

Dear Summer,


This is not one of the thousands of love letters that you receive daily. I was pretty worried in the last few weeks. I thought that you were never going to come back and visit us. I started wondering if I did something wrong last time we talked. Maybe I stayed up too long and lost time listening to my favourite bands. It’s true that I tend to lose track of time when I attend a festival, but can you blame me for trying to make the most and the best of the short time that I have with you?

Perhaps I ate too many of your fruits! I am sorry that I did not share the strawberries and cherries with my other colleagues. It’s just that I cannot stop eating them once I feel their taste in my mouth. You know that nothing compares with the taste of the fresh strawberries from my grandparents’ garden! You’ve also tried them. So this cannot be the reason.

I know! It’s because I had lain too much in the Sun, when you warned me that it’s dangerous. You asked me to go to the beach early in the morning or late in the afternoon and I stayed all day. Sorry but once I get on the beach, I cannot leave until the Sun sets. And no, you cannot blame me for eating too much gelato. I saw you eating all the passion fruit and mango buckets last year.

I even tried to visit you in your residential park back in April but you were so busy with your work that you did not have time to receive me. I must admit that I enjoyed spending time in your residential area but I don’t think that I would be able to live there. So I perfectly understand that you want to travel around the world. I know that you only have time to visit us for 3 months but I really wish that you would stay longer. So please come back soon, so we can have a proper conversation.

Yours truly,

Pomegranate Juice


P.S: I love you