Anse Cocos

What does a perfect beach mean to you? I generally enjoy spending time on whatever beach I can find but if I had to choose, I will definitely choose a secluded beach surrounded by greenery. That is probably why turquoise, green and brown are some of my favourite colours.

I might have found my dream beach in Seychelles. It is located on La Digue and as you probably expect from a secluded beach, it is not very accessible. In fact, if you are not familiar with the trail you might think that you are lost (been there, done that). After you arrive to Grande Anse by bike and walk past the beautiful pond, you will first need to get to Petite Anse, followed by a 30 minutes up and down hike though the lush tropical forest.

The road can be slippery so be careful if you do not have proper shoes. After 15 minutes you might ask yourself if you are on the right path as it seems like you are heading deep into the forest and further from the sea. Relax and keep going as the difficulty of the road pales in front of the beauty of your destination.

I strongly advise you to take a bottle of water with you, some snacks and avoid heading to the beach later than 16.00 as you will need to return before it gets dark. Beware that the closest restaurants are about one kilometre away. This being said, I admit that I was relieved when I saw the wooden sign welcoming us to Anse Cocos beach.

Anse Cocos

I instantly forgot about the road, the heat, and the thirst and could not get my eyes of the water. I had never seen such a perfect combination of sea (ocean in this case), sand and trees. Everything looked like a postcard: with love, from Seychelles.

There was even a small, improvised bar on this secluded beach (this may not be available at all times though). The small bay at the end of beach (left side) that looks like a natural pool offers good conditions for swimming all year round, if the currents are too strong on the other side of the beach. Being one of the very first settlements on La Digue, the beach is now home to abandoned buildings, which are the remains of a small village whose inhabitants had settled here to produce Copra in the region.

Anse Cocos is perfect for those who enjoy nature and the pleasure of having the beach all to themselves.