If you were looking for the picture perfect beach in Romania, look no further because I think that I’ve found it. It’s situated 25 km next to Constanta so it’s a short ride if you choose the region’s main city as a base. Once you get to Tuzla you will need to turn left, and head towards the sea shore. I didn’t see any indicators but the beach is highlighted on Google Maps and Waze. The road can be pretty bumpy especially if it was raining, but if you have driving skills, you can get there no matter the weather.

A green and blue sign that matches perfectly with the surroundings lets you know that you are a few steps away from this picturesque beach. Depending on how badly you want to dive into the sea, you can either head directly to the beach or head to the bar, say hello to the guys, order a cocktail and choose a sitting spot. Then you can explore the surroundings and relax in the sun.

The sea can change its colour, turning from green to blue or grey, according to the natural light. If you are feeling bohemian, you can lay in the hammock and listen to the sound of waves while admiring the hanging seashells. You can also walk along the shore and take lovely pictures as there’s a lighthouse in the distant background.

My favourite part of my childhood summer vacation was collecting snail shells on the Black Sea shore. I love it that you can still see their traces in the sand so this is probably where the name of the beach comes from as “Cochilia” means snail shell.

I always hoped that the colour of the Black Sea would turn into bright blue someday but now I think that its green and grey shades make it special and come along beautifully with the vegetation, the colour of the sand and the seashells that you can collect. A flowy, grey dress would make a perfect choice for a night outfit.

If you are feeling hungry, there are some bars near the beach. We chose to go to a fish restaurant nearby called Pescaria lui Matei. The view and the food are worth waiting for, in case it’s crowded. If you don’t want to wait, you can try the other fish restaurant nearby, Golful Pescarilor, which is situated in a picturesque bay (compared to the other restaurant, you can make a reservation beforehand).

We have enjoyed our day at Cochilia beach and promised to come back soon. Until next time, we have taken a lot of pictures to keep us company through the rainy days.