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Pomegranate: Hey Juice! What have you been up to lately? I haven't heard anything from you for a while.

Juice: Howdy Pom! I have taken some time off. It was somehow unexpected so I did not have time to inform anyone around me. How are you?

Pomegranate: Good for you! I love time-offs, especially during spring. It's a fun way to anticipate summer activities. I have been involved in some projects that made me keep a low profile. But now I am looking forward to the summer events, festivals and sports competitions included! I am a huge fan of the Roland Garros tennis tournament. I have always associated it with summer and eating cherries. Do you also enjoy watching tennis?

Juice: Yes, of course! I used to play tennis when I was a kid. My favourite back then was Pete Sampras, but now I think that Rafael Nadal is the master of the clay!

Pomegranate: I could not agree more! I am also thinking of updating my wardrobe with some festival outfits. Good vibes attached. 

Juice: I might have an interesting suggestion! I know that it's usually the other way round but during my recent trip I have developed an affinity for matching sets. I think that they are the perfect holiday must pack items. I mean if you want to travel light when you are on a two weeks holiday you can pack three matching sets in similar colours and you are ready to go!

Pomegranate: Great idea! I actually love matching sets and I have seen some interesting ones in the most recent collections. But don't you think that you might get bored of combining the sets in your holiday?

Juice: Now that you mention it, I think that the risk is high.  You are right, as usual. What do you suggest adding to the light pack if I want to keep the matching sets?

Pomegranate: Keep the matching sets and add some basics like a pair of short jeans, a white/black top and a slip dress that will save you when you want to feel all dressed up. Oh and let's not forget this season's latest obsession, the jumpsuit! You need to add it to your wardrobe asap!

Juice: Thanks for the tips. I will scan the latest collections to see if I can find a suitable jumpsuit . Do you think that jumpsuits look good on all body types?

Pomegranate: It's easier if you choose a simple wide leg jumpsuit. Do not go for prints or slim fits if you are not feeling comfortable or confident wearing them. Remember that nothing is forbidden in fashion, it's all about the right attitude!

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