Mahe beaches seychelles

Mahe beaches seychelles

Mahé is the main island of Seychelles and the site of Victoria, the republic’s capital. Almost 90 percent of the population of the Republic of Seychelles live on Mahé. It has plenty of attractions and activities to keep you covered for an extended holiday. We have chosen it as our main base for exploring Seychelles and have discovered a lot of interesting beaches. I admit that the west coast beaches are on top of my list. Let me know which of them looks more appealing to you!

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Anse Bazarca

This is the first from the “wild beaches chain” situated in the southern tip of the island. The other two are Police Bay and Petite Police Bay. The conditions are not good for swimming or snorkelling, but you can have a nice picnic under the trees and take lots of beautiful photos. There is a parking lot and a bus stop nearby and the closest facilities can be found at Takamaka beach.

Mahe beaches seychelles

Police Bay

Unlike most of the other beaches on Mahe, this is a wild beach suitable for surfing, not swimming. The views are spectacular so you can enjoy a relaxing picnic, if you bring along all the equipment. You can only reach the beach by car, parking it at Petite Police and walking 7 minutes through the tropical forest until you reach the ocean. You will be amazed.

Petite Police Bay

The smaller sister of Petite Police is the least friendly beach that I have discovered on the island but it has an unique charm: the old coral formations that line the beach. The water is unsafe for swimming, but you can have a relaxing walk admiring the coral formations. There are no amenities nearby.

Mahe beaches seychelles

Anse Forbans

Beautiful beach of the east part of the island. The most famous accommodation nearby is Double Tree By Hilton Seychelles, where you can have lunch. Like most of the beaches on this part of the island, Anse Forbans benefits from an offshore coral reef which ensures great conditions for swimming and snorkelling.

Anse Royale

Named after the city that surrounds it, this beach consists of a number of smaller beaches, with beautiful scenery and coral reef protection which make it suitable for swimming and snorkelling. There are a lot of shops, restaurants, accommodations and other facilities nearby, so you can spend a whole perfect day here (lunch and dinner included). It is the second most popular beach on Mahe after Beau Vallon, so if you want to tick the most popular places on the island make sure to add it on your list. I am sorry that my picture does not reflect the true beauty of the location, but it was raining when we were passing by. 🙁

Mahe beaches seychelles

Anse aux Pins

This is one of the first beaches that you see after you leave the airport. The sensation that I had was to leave the car in the middle of the road (as there were not a lot of parking lots available), dive right into the beautiful water and hide from the sun under the trees. The coral reef protects the shore from the ocean and offers great conditions for swimming and snorkelling. The beach does not have other amenities, but there are several restaurants and shops nearby that can be reached by car.

Mahe beaches seychelles

Anse Nord d’Est

Situated in the north-eastern tip of the island and right next to the road, this wild and beautiful beach has an unexpected charm. You can easily spend a few hours relaxing on the beach and charging your batteries with spectacular views of Saint Anne and Cerf islands. The swimming conditions are not as safe as on the rest of the east coast but you can a bring along your surf board. There are no amenities on the beach so bring your own snacks and drinks.

Mahe beaches seychelles

Anse a la Mouche

This is a long beach with shallow water, suitable for swimming and snorkelling and for taking lots of beautiful pictures. There are lots of restaurants nearby so you can easily spend a whole day here just to catch the amazing sunset views.

Although it is open to public as all of the other beaches in Seychelles, this beach is mostly frequented by the hotel guests. The coral reef protects it from the ocean and offers great conditions for swimming, snorkelling and a large variety of water sports. One of the best restaurants on the island are located here: Windsong, Cafe Lazare and L’Indochine (open mostly for dinner, please make a reservation beforehand).

Mahe beaches seychelles