They say that Scorpios tend to be obsessive. I reckon that it’s true; mostly when it comes to fashion. Each season, based on the current trends, mood-boards and personal intuition I obsess on a colour.

Last summer it was shades of green, this summer will be lavender and shades of purple. I admit that one of lavender’s cousins, lilac, has always been a favourite of mine, as I was growing up in my grandparents garden. They usually sprung around Easter, so I have always associated them with that time of the year.

Another flower, the iris, is also a personal favourite. Too bad that once you cut them, they won’t last. By the way, look at the iris to see what a beautiful combination purple and yellow make.

Speaking of interesting combinations, did you ever try to combine purple and red? You would be surprised of the visual effect that they have, when worn together. Same goes for green and purple. Also, combinations of lavender and pink, purple and fuchsia, or turquoise and purple create a classy attire.

Let’s not forget about fields of  sweet violets or hyacinths in the spring, or endless fields of lavender in the summer. They will not only make the perfect background for your perfect shot, but also seduce you with their scent.

Last but not least, ultra violet has been chosen the colour of the year for 2018 by Pantone, so if you did not have enough reasons to give it a try, maybe this argument will convince you.

My top choices for SS’18 are the silver – lavender reflections slip dress from Ralph Lauren, the lavender top from Reformation, the metallic asymmetrical dress from Alexandre Vauthier, the floral dress from Ulla Johnson, and the oversized dress from Rosie Assoulin.

P.S.: I actually also love all the Reformation dresses, but that goes for all colours and shapes.

More reasons to choose lavender: