Travel Journal – Praslin Beaches

Praslin beaches

Praslin is the second largest island of Seychelles (size and population), so it offers a great variety of attractions and accommodations. The guide was really surprised that we did not choose it as our main base for exploring Seychelles. It is very close to La Digue (the best place for beach lovers), so you should have it in mind if you find yourself in the aforementioned category. Unfortunately, we only had one day to explore the beaches so there still are a lot of places to discover. Praslin is also a good base for visiting the various Coco de Mer nature reserves (click to read more) and exploring Curieuse, Cousin, Cousine, and Felicite islands.

Anse Lazio

This is without doubt one of the most beautiful beaches in Seychelles. I was fascinated by the lush vegetation that provides abundant natural shade. The turquoise water invites you to go for a swim but it gets deep quickly so do not go too far as the currents are strong. The access to the beach is easy by car, or a 20 minutes walk if you go by bus. There are two restaurants, one at the end of each side of the beach (I recommend Bonbon Plume), where you can enjoy Creole cuisine.

Praslin beaches

Anse Georgette

This gorgeous beach is located near the luxurious Constance Lemuria Resort, so you need a permit from the hotel in order to visit it. Once you enter the property it will be a 30 minutes walk through the golf course until you reach the beach. The scenery is amazing, which makes the up and down walk a little bit more pleasant. Once you catch a glimpse of the beach you will want to dive right into the water. The water gets deep rather quickly, so you should be careful. If you are not a good swimmer you can relax under the shade provided by the palm trees and treat yourself with some local fruits and fresh coconut water. If you want to spend more than a few hours on the beach, bring water and some snacks as there aren’t any restaurants nearby, except those inside Constance Lemuria (30 minutes walk).

Praslin beaches

Petite Anse Kerlan and Grande Anse Kerla

Only a rocky stretch separates Grande Anse Kerlan from Petite Anse Kerlan. You can visit both of them while you are inside the Constance Lemuria Resort. Petite Anse Kerlan is preferred over Grande Anse Kerlan mainly because the water provides better conditions for swimming and snorkelling. The beach can be busy with the clients of the resort but it’s worth a visit before having lunch or dinner at The Nest restaurant, situated on top of the cliffs.

Praslin beaches

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