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The city center palace: Black Eagle Palace

Located in Unirii Square, the Black Eagle Palace is one of the most beautiful buildings in Oradea and a proper example of the Oradea architectural Secession style. Besides its beautiful exterior, the palace is known for its stained glass designs, one of them representing the Black Eagle.

The Episcopal Palace and its Church

Also known as the Baroque Palace, the building is a great example of the late Austrian Baroque style. We went there thinking that we were going to visit the Crisul County Museum, but we found out at the entrance that the museum had moved to a different building and that we could not visit the interiors at all. Hopefully the owners of this wonderful construction will take care of it and give us the chance to visit it in the future.

The museum: Crisul County Museum

The “Museum of the Three Rivers Land” had recently moved to a different location (The School for Cadets), so we were not able to see all of its exhibits (available: tapestry, sculpture and paintings). We will probably return during our next visit as the description of the entire collection seems impressive.

The City Hall Tower

This is a must see, if you want to have the best view of the main square and the Crisul Repede river.  There are a few steps to climb, but the view at the top should be worth it.

The Old Fortress

The Oradea Fortress is one of the historically most significant buildings in the whole country. It has been attentively restored and it now holds several events and fairs, one of the most important being the Christmas Fair. Inside its walls you can also find a hotel and a nice Bistro, called BastiOr.

The Moon Church is one of the main attractions in Unirii Square. Its name derives from the moon installed on its facade, that indicates the moon phases. You can read more about this interesting mechanism and the church here.

The Neolog Synagogue ‘Zion’


Dating back to 1878, the Zion Synagogue is a beautiful example of a Neolog Temple. It will surely impress you with its colourful ceilings and and walls. The light slips gently through the windows only to reflect elegantly on the walls.

Mushroom Hill/Dealul Ciuperca


Also known as “Oradi(e)a’s Hill”, this is the best place to watch the sunrise/sunset, if you are a romantic at heart. The view from the top will emphasise the beauty and tranquility of the town. Bonus: you can also have a romantic dinner at the restaurant from the top of the hill.

Must try local food: Langos

Places worth visiting: Darvas-La Roche House, closed for renovation until 2019.

Noteworthy buildings: Astoria Hotel (Sztarill Palace), Oradea State Theatre, Moskvits Palace

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Good things are happening in Oradea - Restaurants and Cafes


Note: Check the attached link for further information regarding the mentioned sights and places to visit.


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The upper street coffeeshop: Ristretto

Well positioned on the main pedestrian street in the old town, Ristretto has one of the best coffees in town. As a bonus, the products that we ordered looked exactly like the pictures from the menu.

The river restaurant: Rivo

This restaurant deserves its place in the top 5, although it was not our favourite based on what we tasted and where we had the chance to go. I would love to visit it during the summer, as the outside terrace looked really nice, and I had one of the best Gin Cocktails I ever tried. It is perfect for a romantic dinner or a family reunion.

The winner restaurant: MEATic

MEATic was definitely our favourite restaurant. We went there twice, ordered something different (except the dessert, dreamy cheese dumplings!) and enjoyed it equally much. Our dream of finding reinvented Romanian recipes that could make us fall in love again with our local cuisine came true.

The friendly coffeeshop: The Spot

If you want to relax after admiring the beautiful buildings surrounding Unirii Square and maybe visiting the City Hall Tower, you should pay a visit to this coffee shop and its friendly personnel. Besides good coffee, The Spot also serves yummy raw-vegan desserts made by Sweet Magnolia. I also tried a delicious Masala Chai.

The wine bistro: Rewine

Although the establishment is recommended for serving wine, we went there for breakfast and coffee, and we were not disappointed. We would have wanted to come back for a glass of wine and some pinchos, but the time spent in Oradea was too short.

The brunch restaurant: Baraw

They say that you should save the best for last, and apparently we did so with our last breakfast in Oradea. One delicious granola for me and maybe one omelette croissant for you. They also serve a large variety of burgers, the perfect option for a nourishing brunch.

happening in Oradea

The cool coffeeshop: Snoozz

Situated next to the Traian Park, Snoozz has the same atmosphere as our favourite coffeeshops in Bucharest. You can also enjoy a yummy bagel next to your choice of coffee. We can not wait to go back when we return to Oradea!

The fancy restaurant: Spoon

Spoon reminded me of the fancy places surrounding Herastrau Lake in Bucharest. If you want to relax with your friends in the weekend, this is the place to go.

N.B.: Reliva restaurant seems like a nice option for a romantic dinner. We wanted to make a reservation for Sunday but it was going to be closed so we did not have the chance to taste the menu.

Restaurants worth trying, although not tested: Allegria, Via29, The Hub, Rosecas.

Coffee to go: Street Coffee Roasters

Future coffee place: The Dripper

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happening in Oradea

Good things are happening in Oradea

happening in Oradea

Good things are happening in Oradea. What makes them this way are the people. You don’t get the chance to meet positive, optimistic, enthusiastic people that often. At least not in Bucharest. I enjoyed my time in Oradea, but what I liked most was meeting its residents. I’ve felt like I was visiting an old friend to whom I had not spoken in a while, but who still treated me like we met last week. If you want to rebuild your trust in people, I recommend a city break in Oradea.

Good coffee and good food. When you have the both of them, what more could you ask for from a cool getaway? Well, a handful of interesting sights and some fancy art nouveau architecture. Oradea has them all.

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Note: Check the attached link for further information regarding the mentioned sights and places to visit.

Recently it has become a lot easier to visit Oradea. The airport suffered some changes and there are quite a few direct flights to the city. I’ve bought my ticket from TAROM for only 40€ during the Black Friday offers, but there are flights also available from Blue Air and Ryanair.

happening in Oradea

happening in Oradea

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Note: Check the attached link for further information regarding the mentioned sights and places to visit.

happening in Oradea