Travel journal from Stockholm

Water, nature, history and good coffee. Stockholm is the perfect destination if you’re looking for a combination of the aforementioned. Sweden’s capital stands on 14 islands, and is connected by 57 bridges. Its citizens are so connected to nature that fishing and picking berries or mushrooms are allowed everywhere. 🙂 Another fun fact is that if you want to own a boat, you won’t need any permits so Stockholm’s population owns about 200,000 boats.

Stockholm’s Old Town: Gamla Stan is one of the best preserved medieval city centres in Europe. Stockholm was founded in this historic centre in 1252. All its small, cobbled streets take you to the main square, Stortorget. Between cozy cafes and offering restaurants you can also visit the Nobel Museum, the Royal Palace or the narrowest street in Stockholm, Mårten Trotzig’s alley.

Travel journal from Stockholm

Museums. Stockholm has a lot to offer to all museum lovers: ancient history, design and architecture, modern art, entertainment, science or gastronomy, you name it!

Vasa Museum – if you ever wanted to see live Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl, you have the chance to meet its distant cousin, the Vasa ship. The Vasa warship was built quite in a hurry on the orders of the king of Sweden, Gustav Adolf, therefore it sank on its first voyage in Stockholm’s Harbour. “The cold, oxygen-poor water of the Baltic Sea protected Vasa from the bacteria and worms that usually digest wooden wrecks. Perhaps 95 percent of Vasa’s wood was intact when Sweden finally raised the wreck in 1961.”

Skansen Open Air Museum – the perfect walk in the park, while in Stockholm. Catch a glimpse of the traditional Swedish life and some of its wonderful fauna. A park, a museum and a zoo, the perfect combination for your inner child.

Fotografiska – the most exciting museum for photography lovers. Besides the temporary exhibitions belonging to renowned photographers from all over the world, you can also enrol to photography courses or take part in interesting events. As a bonus, the cafe on the top floor has one of the best views in Stockholm, as it overlooks Saltsjön bay with Skeppsholmen and Djurgården in the distance.

 Djurgarden – the island which collects many of the city’s main attractions (Abba Museum, Grona Lund Amusement Park or Skansen) is considered Stockholm’s main recreation area. The island belongs to the National City Park and it can be your perfect spot for a picnic. Before heading there, take a walk on Strandvagen, a picturesque water front boulevard filled with beautiful buildings and cafes on one side and boats on the other side.

Travel journal from Stockholm

Royal Canal Tour – why not see Stockholm by boat? This tour takes you around the beautiful island of Djurgarden, passing by historic buildings and sights. The audio guide will make sure that you learn something interesting about Stockholm’s old and recent history along the way.

Stockholm City Hall – one of the most beautiful and famous buildings in Stockholm, the place where the Nobel Prize banquet is held every year. It has one of the most entertaining guide tours, and if you’re lucky to travel between May – September, you can also visit the City Hall Tower, which offers a breathtaking view of the city.

Drottningholm Palace – one of the most pleasant day trips from Stockholm, in less than an hour. It is the most well-preserved Swedish royal palace, dating since the 1600s. Although it is open to the public, the palace is still the residence of the royal family. Recharge your batteries taking a walk through its gardens and admiring the view from the lake.

The best coffee in Stockholm: Johan & Nystrom, Cafe Pascal, Drop Coffee, Cafeverket, Snickarbacken 7, Fikabaren.

The coffee shop with the best Fika atmosphere: Vete-Katten

The cosiest cafe: Chokladkoppen

Healthy restaurants: Cafe Pom & Flora, Mahalo – Hälsocafet, Urban Deli

Must try cuisine: Indian – Shanti, Touch of Bengal, Spanish – Aqui Tapas Bar, Restaurang Boqueria, Thai – Tjabba Thai.

When to visit: all year long. The pictures were taken in October.

Travel journal from Stockholm