One of the most common questions after having visited a high profile tourist attraction is “Did it live up to the expectations?”. The answer should be “It depends on what sort of expectations you have created.”. It is best that when creating expectations about something (place/event/person), to have in mind that there are external factors which cannot be controlled e.g.: the weather, someone’s mood or attitude, the general setting, etc. It should all depend on what type of experience you set your mind upon having and stick to it.

My false fear concerning Anse Source D’Argent was that of the beach not looking like in the photoshopped desktop picture that I had on my PC when I was in high-school. So I tried to erase that image from my mind and think of it as one of the must see beaches in Seychelles.

As you probably know, the beach is located on La Digue, one of the 115 islands belonging to Seychelles. You can reach it by ferry following the route Mahe – Praslin (change the ferry) – La Digue. Ride your way towards L’union Estate Farm, pay the 100 SCR entrance fee and continue your tour through the beautiful park enjoying the coconut and vanilla plantations.

Don’t forget to stop and admire the mountain formed over 75 million years ago by the magma from the active volcano, and the Aldabra giant land tortoises near the granite boulders. Secure your bike at the marked parking spot and start walking along the one km long Source D’Argent shoreline.

So how was it? The walk through the surreal granite boulders, add coconut trees and turquoise water, was unlike any other things that I had experienced. It was that sort of experience that you want to lock in a box and treasure it the rest of your life.

The Fruita Cabana bar in front of the Source D’argent snorkelling place was the cherry on top of this whole experience. We have enjoyed one of the most refreshing and tasty cocktails while watching the beautiful bay.

We went late in the afternoon and caught the high tide, but we managed to catch a glimpse of the sunset.

The view was amazing either way, so we could not stop taking pictures. We really wanted to come back early in the morning the next day, but the access was possible starting 8 am, which was too late for what we had in plan of doing the next day. To be continued in a future post. 🙂

anse source d’argent