Good things are happening in Oradea - Restaurants and Cafes


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The upper street coffeeshop: Ristretto

Well positioned on the main pedestrian street in the old town, Ristretto has one of the best coffees in town. As a bonus, the products that we ordered looked exactly like the pictures from the menu.

The river restaurant: Rivo

This restaurant deserves its place in the top 5, although it was not our favourite based on what we tasted and where we had the chance to go. I would love to visit it during the summer, as the outside terrace looked really nice, and I had one of the best Gin Cocktails I ever tried. It is perfect for a romantic dinner or a family reunion.

The winner restaurant: MEATic

MEATic was definitely our favourite restaurant. We went there twice, ordered something different (except the dessert, dreamy cheese dumplings!) and enjoyed it equally much. Our dream of finding reinvented Romanian recipes that could make us fall in love again with our local cuisine came true.

The friendly coffeeshop: The Spot

If you want to relax after admiring the beautiful buildings surrounding Unirii Square and maybe visiting the City Hall Tower, you should pay a visit to this coffee shop and its friendly personnel. Besides good coffee, The Spot also serves yummy raw-vegan desserts made by Sweet Magnolia. I also tried a delicious Masala Chai.

The wine bistro: Rewine

Although the establishment is recommended for serving wine, we went there for breakfast and coffee, and we were not disappointed. We would have wanted to come back for a glass of wine and some pinchos, but the time spent in Oradea was too short.

The brunch restaurant: Baraw

They say that you should save the best for last, and apparently we did so with our last breakfast in Oradea. One delicious granola for me and maybe one omelette croissant for you. They also serve a large variety of burgers, the perfect option for a nourishing brunch.

happening in Oradea

The cool coffeeshop: Snoozz

Situated next to the Traian Park, Snoozz has the same atmosphere as our favourite coffeeshops in Bucharest. You can also enjoy a yummy bagel next to your choice of coffee. We can not wait to go back when we return to Oradea!

The fancy restaurant: Spoon

Spoon reminded me of the fancy places surrounding Herastrau Lake in Bucharest. If you want to relax with your friends in the weekend, this is the place to go.

N.B.: Reliva restaurant seems like a nice option for a romantic dinner. We wanted to make a reservation for Sunday but it was going to be closed so we did not have the chance to taste the menu.

Restaurants worth trying, although not tested: Allegria, Via29, The Hub, Rosecas.

Coffee to go: Street Coffee Roasters

Future coffee place: The Dripper

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happening in Oradea

Good things are happening in Oradea

happening in Oradea

Good things are happening in Oradea. What makes them this way are the people. You don’t get the chance to meet positive, optimistic, enthusiastic people that often. At least not in Bucharest. I enjoyed my time in Oradea, but what I liked most was meeting its residents. I’ve felt like I was visiting an old friend to whom I had not spoken in a while, but who still treated me like we met last week. If you want to rebuild your trust in people, I recommend a city break in Oradea.

Good coffee and good food. When you have the both of them, what more could you ask for from a cool getaway? Well, a handful of interesting sights and some fancy art nouveau architecture. Oradea has them all.

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Note: Check the attached link for further information regarding the mentioned sights and places to visit.

Recently it has become a lot easier to visit Oradea. The airport suffered some changes and there are quite a few direct flights to the city. I’ve bought my ticket from TAROM for only 40€ during the Black Friday offers, but there are flights also available from Blue Air and Ryanair.

happening in Oradea

happening in Oradea

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Note: Check the attached link for further information regarding the mentioned sights and places to visit.

happening in Oradea

orange delivery

Orange Delivery

orange delivery

Juice: Hey! I've heard that neon colours, especially orange, are making a comeback!

Pomegranate: Yes, I know. I've seen it in the spring summer 2018 collections and the street style icons have already adopted the trend.

orange delivery

Juice: Really? I have always thought that neon colours are difficult to wear. I am reluctant when it comes to buying neon clothes. It's very easy to get it wrong and receive a negative review from the "fashion police".

Pomegranate: You are somehow right. You need to have courage in order to wear neon. If you have what it takes, you can take some inspiration from Jeremy Scott and Moschino. But, if you want to play it safe, you can choose to wear only one item in neon, and never wear more than one bright colour head to toe. Oh, and don't over accessorise your outfit.

orange delivery

Juice: Thanks for the tips. Do you have in mind any SS'18 neon outfits that might convince me to wear neon?

Pomegranate: Of course! My favorites are the bright orange, flowy Akris dress and the comics inspired Prada jacket. You will be in the spotlight thanks to the colour and their design.

Juice: You're always two steps ahead, I wonder how you manage to do it.

Pomegranate: Haha, it's called fashion sixth sense! And anyway, I have always loved neon orange. I have actually bought an orange dress last summer, so I am looking forward to wearing it again this summer.


Juice: You were right with orange. I feel like I am going to wear it all spring and summer long! I have already put my eye on some items.

Pomegranate: I told you so! Orange is the type of colour that grows on you. Let me see what you've found.

trenduri de primavara

5 trenduri de care ne vom reindragosti in primavara


Unul dintre cele mai iubite imprimeuri revine in prim plan sub forma pantalonilor. Nu-ti fie teama sa iesi in evidenta alegand un imprimeu in culori puternice precum galben sau portocaliu! Anul acesta, cand vorbim despre tartan, mesajul este “more is more”.  Daca vrei totusi sa mergi pe directia clasica, alege un model alb/ecru cu dungi negre/gri. Accesorizeaza-ti tinuta cu o pereche de cercei statement.

Tricourile cu mesaj

Daca credeai ca ai scapat de tricourile vedeta ale verii trecute, te-ai inselat. Si nu ne pare rau, deoarece sunt versatile si pot fi purtate in multe combinatii. Rock, Sport, Casual si lista poate continua. Alege un mesaj care te reprezinta si striga-l in gura mare.

trenduri de primavara

Fustele creion

Un clasic caruia ii place lumina reflectoarelor. O reteta de succes a tinutelor office. Fusta creion nu trebuie sa lipseasca din garderoba vreunei femei moderne. Este un element care ne poate salva in diminetile in care ne grabim si tinuta pregatita anterior nu ne mai place. Indrazneste sa optezi pentru un model din material metalic sau transparent, daca o porti in afara orelor de munca.


De cativa ani, designerii ne indeamna sa trecem peste barierele legate de imprimeuri. Nu exista imprimeuri ce nu pot fi purtate impreuna, mai ales cand paleta de culori ne permite.  Buline & dungi, flori & dantela, animal print & paiete? Podiumul le apartine celor care au curajul sa incerce. Cu siguranta nu vei fi o aparitie usor de uitat.

Gentile in jurul soldului

Un trend care si-a facut aparitia timid in trecut, ia amploare anul acesta. De data eceasta este mai indraznet si asociat unor tinute mai elegante sau boeme. Geanta in jurul soldului nu este un acessoriu ce poate fi purtat doar la un festival sau o alergare in parc. Este un element versatil si usor de manevrat care poate fi luat la birou sau la un cocktail party. Fii indrazneata si poart-o alaturi de o rochie cu paiete sau un costum smart.

travel journal from stockholm

Travel Journal - Stockholm

Travel journal from Stockholm

Water, nature, history and good coffee. Stockholm is the perfect destination if you’re looking for a combination of the aforementioned. Sweden’s capital stands on 14 islands, and is connected by 57 bridges. Its citizens are so connected to nature that fishing and picking berries or mushrooms are allowed everywhere. 🙂 Another fun fact is that if you want to own a boat, you won’t need any permits so Stockholm’s population owns about 200,000 boats.

Stockholm’s Old Town: Gamla Stan is one of the best preserved medieval city centres in Europe. Stockholm was founded in this historic centre in 1252. All its small, cobbled streets take you to the main square, Stortorget. Between cozy cafes and offering restaurants you can also visit the Nobel Museum, the Royal Palace or the narrowest street in Stockholm, Mårten Trotzig’s alley.

Travel journal from Stockholm

Museums. Stockholm has a lot to offer to all museum lovers: ancient history, design and architecture, modern art, entertainment, science or gastronomy, you name it!

Vasa Museum – if you ever wanted to see live Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl, you have the chance to meet its distant cousin, the Vasa ship. The Vasa warship was built quite in a hurry on the orders of the king of Sweden, Gustav Adolf, therefore it sank on its first voyage in Stockholm’s Harbour. “The cold, oxygen-poor water of the Baltic Sea protected Vasa from the bacteria and worms that usually digest wooden wrecks. Perhaps 95 percent of Vasa’s wood was intact when Sweden finally raised the wreck in 1961.”

Skansen Open Air Museum – the perfect walk in the park, while in Stockholm. Catch a glimpse of the traditional Swedish life and some of its wonderful fauna. A park, a museum and a zoo, the perfect combination for your inner child.

Fotografiska – the most exciting museum for photography lovers. Besides the temporary exhibitions belonging to renowned photographers from all over the world, you can also enrol to photography courses or take part in interesting events. As a bonus, the cafe on the top floor has one of the best views in Stockholm, as it overlooks Saltsjön bay with Skeppsholmen and Djurgården in the distance.

 Djurgarden – the island which collects many of the city’s main attractions (Abba Museum, Grona Lund Amusement Park or Skansen) is considered Stockholm’s main recreation area. The island belongs to the National City Park and it can be your perfect spot for a picnic. Before heading there, take a walk on Strandvagen, a picturesque water front boulevard filled with beautiful buildings and cafes on one side and boats on the other side.

Travel journal from Stockholm

Royal Canal Tour – why not see Stockholm by boat? This tour takes you around the beautiful island of Djurgarden, passing by historic buildings and sights. The audio guide will make sure that you learn something interesting about Stockholm’s old and recent history along the way.

Stockholm City Hall – one of the most beautiful and famous buildings in Stockholm, the place where the Nobel Prize banquet is held every year. It has one of the most entertaining guide tours, and if you’re lucky to travel between May – September, you can also visit the City Hall Tower, which offers a breathtaking view of the city.

Drottningholm Palace – one of the most pleasant day trips from Stockholm, in less than an hour. It is the most well-preserved Swedish royal palace, dating since the 1600s. Although it is open to the public, the palace is still the residence of the royal family. Recharge your batteries taking a walk through its gardens and admiring the view from the lake.

The best coffee in Stockholm: Johan & Nystrom, Cafe Pascal, Drop Coffee, Cafeverket, Snickarbacken 7, Fikabaren.

The coffee shop with the best Fika atmosphere: Vete-Katten

The cosiest cafe: Chokladkoppen

Healthy restaurants: Cafe Pom & Flora, Mahalo – Hälsocafet, Urban Deli

Must try cuisine: Indian – Shanti, Touch of Bengal, Spanish – Aqui Tapas Bar, Restaurang Boqueria, Thai – Tjabba Thai.

When to visit: all year long. The pictures were taken in October.

Travel journal from Stockholm

The Holy Trinity of Winter Wardrobes

Hello Snow

For some years, snow isn’t such a common thing like it used to be twenty years ago. I remember that it used to snow from the end of November until March. Sometimes the snow was so tall that you could build rooms where you could squeeze into. Now, you’re lucky if you get some snow in January. This makes you cherish even more this natural phenomenon that some people only dream of. Maybe this is the reason why every time it snows your heart starts beating faster and you start acting like you’ve never seen snow in your life.


Ever since the early days of our life, the essential wardrobe items for a day out in the snow have been the beanie, the foulard, and the gloves. You could name them The Holy Trinity of Winter wardrobes. The brighter, the higher the contrast with the snow. You can try to mix match different colours or prints as long as they are in the same hues: warm or cold.

The Greatest Joys in Life

The greatest joys in Life are the ones that cannot be measured. They are like the drops of water in the oceans or the grains of sand in the deserts. Let us not confuse them with measurable possessions. Most of the time we are not aware of their presence, or at least not until something extraordinary happens. For some it might be the colour of the trees in the autumn, the smell of coffee in the morning or the gentle embrace of someone you love. Which one are you?

Not Just A Blog

My name is Pomegranate Juice

… and I am happy to meet you. I hope that I am not late. I have been


meaning to introduce myself to you all for some time …

… but I guess that I am just too shy and have been lacking confidence. I will try to fix this while you go through my pages, but I will also need your help in this process. It’s not easy to open up and invite everyone into your world. This will be a learning process for the both of us. I am sure that I have a lot to learn from you and trust that you will also find some useful information through my pages. I will make mistakes, so please be patient with me and let me know when I cross the line. I want to help, but please do not take me for granted. This will be my personal expertise on several matters and I am open to hearing from you and bettering myself.

There are several things that I want to talk to you about. Firstly and foremost, FASHION. Oh boy, how do I feel about fashion?! I sometimes feel bad about it, as for many it is such a vain and boring subject. For me fashion is a never-ending story. Fashion is change and reinvention. When you think that something is out, it suddenly reappears in an updated/upgraded version. When you think that you can never combine various items/trends, fashion later says “why not?”. When you think that you know everything about trends, fashions says “oh no you don’t!”. One thing that I am certain of, and this goes for every subject, is that you can never know enough about fashion/subjects that you are passionate about.

Who also loves to TRAVEL? I am sure you do too. Travelling is such a rich experience in all ways. When travelling, one does not only find out new things about the places you see and the people you meet, but also about oneself. And even though you travel to the same places several times, you still find out new things every single time. They say that you can not know a person well enough until you travel together, and I have experienced that it is true. The greatest invention of all times might be the plane, as it allows you to travel the world and reach places that you could only dream of.

What is your most important asset? Your body, so please treat it as a temple. Your body is the temple of your soul, as I once read somewhere. It is important that you maintain a lifestyle that feeds your soul but also takes care of your body. HEALTH and BEAUTY are connected, this means that healthy is beautiful and healthy means different things for different bodies. There is no such thing as a perfect body. Your body talks to you if you listen to it. It will tell you what is good for you and what is not. Please be kind.